Gas or Oil Fired Split Hot Water Boiler

This series of boilers adopts a downstream, three-pass and shell design to ensure that the fuel is fully combusted in a large combustion chamber, and fuel utilization and boiler efficiency are greatly improved.


Fully automatic control

The computer's full-range analog control is more convenient for both normal operation and post-maintenance maintenance.

Small footprint

The layout of the boiler is reasonable and the coordination is strong, which reduces the overall volume of the boiler and the investment cost of the boiler house.

Strong load adaptability

The boiler has a large water volume and can be used normally for users with a wide range of load changes.

High thermal efficiency

The low-resistance and high-efficiency heat exchange component, the threaded pipe, replaces the traditional light pipe and improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler.


Omnidirectional protection system

We have taken comprehensive measures to protect boiler pressure, temperature, safety valve, power supply, scale and so on. In the face of unexpected accidents, the alarm device rings at the first time, and the boiler operator makes emergency treatment in time.

Multi-boilers-controlled system

Multiple boilers are connected to the network, no need to set up the main console; the number of running units can be automatically adjusted according to user requirements, and the boiler load can be allocated reasonably to avoid waste of resources.

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